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Internorm – Europe’s leading window brand

The success story of Internorm Windows began 81 years ago, and then the creation of  Internorm as a company over 45 years ago set a shining milestone in place.

Trust in the brand has been shown millions of times over by sales in Europe, which up to now have exceeded more than 20 million units. This is not only hugely motivating but also commits us to accept even more responsibility.

As a pioneer in in the field, Internorm was the first licensee to manufacture UPVC windows in Austria. The foresight of the company, technological know-how and an excellent feel for design lead to continuous peak performances.

Our strengths

  • Pioneer in UPVC windows
  • Total window system concept
  • Leading expertise in highly thermally insulating and window systems for passive houses
  • Security of an international market leading brand

CE Stamped Internorm Products

The CE conformity designation is an abbreviation of European Communities (from the French “Communautés Européennes”).

The CE symbol demonstrates the compliance of the product with the respective definitive EC Directives and their technical specifications. It is neither a quality mark nor a designation of provenance, it is related exclusively to the significant requirements.

A product with a CE symbol has a label which is standardised throughout Europe and is cleared in line with free movement of goods in all EU states.

The values stated for the CE label show a representative average of the complete Internorm product range.