UK legislation is currently evolving to enforce the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and to improve energy efficiencies. Many people seek to reduce their carbon footprint, and with buildings losing up to 35% of their heat through windows it is prudent to carefully choose the correct windows and installers.

What are the benefits of installing triple glazed windows?

Why have triple glazed windows become so popular?

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Security is increased by fitting 3 panes of glass, and a range of glass thicknesses can be used. At Internorm by Scotia we also offer a variety of ‘Secured by Design’ products.

The design and engineering of triple glazed windows ensures greater levels of insulation and a significant reduction in heat loss over single or double glazing.

An increase in solar heat gain when this is a specific requirement

During cold weather the internal surface of glass is cold which radiates into your room. With triple glazing the external temperature affects the internal surface much less.

Energy efficient windows use inert gases between the panes of glass to reduce the heat transfer. In triple glazed units there are 2 spaces between the 3 panes, making them more efficient than double glazed units.

Triple glazing frames can also be insulated, helping to further reduce U-values.

The spaces between the glass panes deflect sound, therefore with 2 spaces in triple glazing external noise will be greatly reduced. At Internorm by Scotia we can go one step further by fitting special acoustic glass if necessary.

By using triple glazing and robust frames we can create larger glass units than standard domestic double glazed units. Large glass areas let more light flood in and help create spacious rooms.

Why should I buy triple glazed windows and doors from Internorm by Scotia?

  • We provide a fantastic range of high-quality triple glazed doors and windows
  • All our triple glazing is bespoke manufactured and tailored to your exact measurements
  • Our triple glazing is specified to the highest Window Energy Rating “A” standard
  • We can provide triple glazed windows with U-values as low as 0.58
  • Our experienced installers ensure our triple glazing is carefully fitted and sealed correctly
  • Our products come with a superb 30 year Quality Assurance warranty, giving you complete peace of mind

Why not visit our showroom in Alloa and see our triple glazed products for yourself?

At Internorm by Scotia we have created a superb display showcasing our range of windows and doors which enables you to compare specific products side by side. Our friendly and knowledgeable team welcomes the opportunity to discuss your exact requirements.

Alternatively please call us on 0808 129 2089 for more information.

Gallery of Internorm Triple Glazed Windows & Doors

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