Did you know that our aluminium clad windows and doors are available in a rainbow of colours?

In the words of Celerie Kemble, leading US Interior Designer and author, “There’s a reason we don’t see the world in black and white.”

At Internorm by Scotia the external face of our aluminium clad windows and doors are available in a range of colours from 12 standard through to stainless steel and metallic décor colours.

Furthermore there is an array of design possibilities offered in our vast RAL colour spectrum range.

So why not be bold, add a pop of colour to your home and be a trendsetter instead of a follower of fashion?

We can go one step further and create aluminium clad windows and doors using haptic effects to create the appearance of timber. If you love the look of wood grain and want the longevity of aluminium, this is for you.



Internorm by Scotia‘s highly weather resistant aluminium coating maintains the colour of your windows even after many years. This carefully concocted coating ensures colours are protected against the elements and resists rapid fading.

Our timber / aluminium and UPVC / aluminium windows are manufactured using the highly weather resistant coating without any additional cost.

Looking for extensive warranties and peace of mind? Here are our impressive guarantees:

  • 10 years warranty on weather fastness – No unnatural colour changes due to weather influences for anodised or powder coated aluminium window and doors.
  • 30 years assurance – Internorm guarantees our products can be repeatedly serviced by our experts in such a fashion (original parts not obligatory) to retain their full function

So let your imagination go wild, and choose your ideal window colour to frame your perfect panoramic view!

For more information on our colourful bespoke aluminium clad windows and doors please call our friendly team on Freephone 0808 129 2089 or visit our showroom. Get in touch!

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