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Lift and slide doors

Internorm do not produce Bi-Folding doors for one simple reason, they could not offer a 30 year quality assurance warranty.  Bi-Folds by default have multiple moving parts notably the running gear and hinges. These components limit the Warranty to Bi-Folding doors to 3-5 years on average. In terms of Thermal Efficiency the uW’s on Bi-Folding doors and air tightness are generally poor. Bi-Folding doors are essentially a UK trend, Europe by comparison opts for Lift & Slides.  The benefits of the Internorm Lift & Slide are summarized as follows.

  • 30 Year Quality Assurance Warranty
  • Sliding doors elements upto 3.2m high x 2.9m wide
  • uW 0.67-0.69
  • Triple Glazed or Double Glazed options
  • Level Threshold