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Windows: Timber / Aluminium: Ambiente: HV350


The sun and privacy protection integrates harmoniously into this flush window and offers quadruple protection all in one window with excellent thermal insulation and sound reduction values.

Blinds, Venetian blinds or Duette® blinds are situated between the panes and therefore protected from dust. The energy self-sufficient I-tec shading does not require any external power source due to the photovoltaic module and batteries. Integrated automatic functions such as day/night recognition and intelligent heat protection can be activated simply via your tablet or Smartphone, I-tec Smart Window is also available.


Traditional rounded design outside and inside
Frame and sash flush on the outside, three-sided integration into facade is possible
Can be perfectly combined with UPVC/aluminium windows due to same outside appearance

Technical Data

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation with standard triple glazing (Ug = 0.90 W/m2K) Uw = 0.95 W/m2K
Best thermal insulation at low weight Uw up to 0.60 W/m2K (with 3LIGHT glazing)

Sound insulation

Soundproofing up to 47 dB (with corresponding glazing)

System description

85 mm construction depth
By fitting sun protection between the panes (blinds, Venetian blinds or Duette®) protection from damage and weather, noiseless operation; available with solar powered drive
FIX-O-ROUND Technology
Fully concealed hardware
Standard security
Triple gasket system
Highly thermally insulating thermal foam (HCFC, HCF and FC free)
Suited for passive houses acc. to TU Graz with triple insulating glass in combination with additional glass pane



INT_Bildwelt_Internorm_HV350_ambiente_3fach1FLUSH DESIGN
The profiled window sash ends flush towards the frame and can be rendered into the wall on three sides.

INT_Bildwelt_Internorm_HV350_ambiente_3fach2QUADRUPLE PROTECTION
Thermal, sound, sun and privacy protection all in one window. No additional structure provision is necessary. No extra fitting necessary for sun protection systems.

INT_Bildwelt_Internorm_HV350_ambiente_3fach3I-TEC SHADING
Available upon request with photovoltaic blind, Venetian blind or Duette®. Energy supply via integrated photovoltaic module, no extra fitting necessary, bidirectional wireless control.