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Windows: uPVC: Home Pure: KF500


KF 500 combines innovative design and technical know-how. The window sash is not visible from the outside due to its glass appearance and cannot be distinguished optically from fixed glazing.

This sash also conceals the revolutionary I-tec locking which renders levering of the window impossible, unrivalled in the branch. Integrated coverings push on to the frame interior on all sides when locking and therefore offer maximum security protection. KF 500 can additionally be equipped with I-tec ventilation, a ventilation system integrated into the window frame.


Modern, square-edged design outside and inside
Frame outside with stylised sash
Window sash in perfect glass appearance

Technical Data

Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation with standard triple glazing and highly insulating edge seal (Ug = 0.5 W/m2K) Uw = 0.69 W/m2K
For best energy efficiency SOLAR+ glazing (Ug = 0.6 W/m2K; g value 64 %) Uw = 0.76 W/m2K

Sound insulation

Soundproofing up to 46 dB (with corresponding glazing)

System description

90/93 mm construction depth
FIX-O-ROUND Technology
Revolutionary I-tec locking as standard, this means fully integrated concealed hardware
Secustik handle as standard
RC2N standard (without lockable handle) according to EN 1627– 1630
Triple gasket system
Multi chamber system with additional highly thermally insulating thermal foam (HCFC, HCF and FC free)
More light through narrow view widths up to 80 mm
I-tec ventilation available upon request



studiokf220_1UPVC VERSION
Along with the aluminium attachment clad version in all colours, the classic UPVC version in white is also available.

homepurekf500bI-TEC LOCKING
Integrated flaps ensure maximum burglary protection already in the standard version (security class RC2N). When locking, all sides are pressed towards the inside of the frame. Levering of windows becomes impossible.

homepurekf500cI-TEC VENTILATION
Individual control of fresh air for each room – no big heat loss, no pollen, no outside noise, with increased security.